Restaurants to consider near the venue of OS Budapest 2018

We don't want you to be hungry during the event so let us show you our favourite places near Akvárium Klub.

1. Digo Pizza
The team of Digo Pizza promises you the taste of the original pizza from Naples. Their pizzas are baked on wood-burning furnaces which means that they can bake your meal in less than 90 seconds! They take special attention on the quality of the dough and the toppings so if you are a pizza lover, be their guest!

2. Gringos Amigos
Gringos Amigos is a Mexican restaurant which offers you the taste of Mexico. They don’t have a microwave, or a freezer, as it’s important for them to make every dish as fresh as possible. If you are into Mexican cuisine, and want to enjoy a really special atmosphere, check them out!

3. Keksz
Located at Madách square, relatively close to Akvárium, Keksz offers an extraordinary experience. Other than providing breakfast dishes throughout the day, their guests can build their own sandwiches and salads by choosing from a wide range of ingredients.

Belvárosi disznótoros Meat eaters, listen up! Eager to try rural Hungarian dishes? Then this is the place to be! Most of the options are made of pork, but new-wave fast food variations are also available. The place offers rather big portions though, so make sure to arrive with an empty stomach.

4. Padthai Wokbar
If you feel like having an oriental meal, Padthai Wokbar is our answer! By offering several variants for bases, sauces and toppings alike, you can create your ultimate menu which suits your very own taste. The wokbar only offers soups, noodles and desserts though.

+1. Levendula Fagylaltozó
Although it’s not a restaurant, but judging by the weather forecast, we’re more than sure that you will look for ice cream during the day! The Lavender Ice-bar offers you craft ice-cream without any additives. Therefore they have special variations for people who can not consume gluten, milk, egg, sugar, while vegan options are also available.