Translate the world - how to manage a global community

The OpenStack I18n is one of the biggest team in the OpenStack community. The people are mostly located in non-english speaking countries in different timezones around the planet. You can imagine, diversity is one of the main topics in our team. Different cultures, and different languages. How to manage this? The story goes back from the beginning as a contributor and the work as Project Team Lead in the last cycle.

Translating things in OpenStack are not only human work. It gives an insight into the technology behind it and a fully automatic deployment. Cross-community work is required to achieve the common goal.

What Should Attendees Expect to Learn?

Join the OpenStack community as a contributor in a simply way: as a Translator. This session shows how it works. It will introduce the team with their work and tools. You can learn to work in a global community and transfer the working methods to your local team.

Frank Kloeker
Session time: 
3:20pm - 4:00pm
Room B