Telco Strategies

Edge Cloud and its operation

When we talk about an OpenStack cloud we imagine few geo-redundant datacenters with thousands of servers in each. Edge Cloud changes the rules and deploys thousands of datacenters with few servers in each.

Edge Cloud can distribute the load and the capacities and brings the services closer to where those are used … to the customers. It introduces the real cloud liquidity with automatic rebalancing and deploying the services where those are really needed.

HOT topic: Heat-ing up Telco VNFs in the ETSI way

"Create a VNF package for the next release, " sounds the command. "WTH?" you say and you delve into the depths and heights of mapping two worlds: HOT and IFA011. "Heat seems to be the evident choice for resource management, but what will be the limitations? Will I need more OpenStack APIs?" "How to organize the resources?" "How to cover regular lifecycle management? How to invent VNF-specific use-cases, like in-service upgrade?"

And the questions just keep coming.